Developing Leadership Skills PPT

Developing Leadership Skills ppt
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  • Six Trait of Effective Leaders
  • Managerial Grid of Leaders
  • Contingency Model of Leadership
  • Key Roles of High Performing Leaders
  • Leader as Vision Creator
  • Leader as Team Builder
  • Leader as Task Allocator
  • Leader as People Developer
  • Leader as Motivation Stimulator 
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Publisher / Editor's note: Developing Leadership Skills PPT download explores the essentials of leadership skill development. This PPT focuses on essentials of leadership like - the six traits of leaders, managerial grids (styles), the contingency model and 5 key roles of high performing leaders. The author has credited Stephen Robbins and David Decenzo, “Fundamentals of Management”, and Bryn Hughes, “The Leader's Tool Kit: Hundreds of Tips and Techniques for Developing the Skills You Need” as the reference material on which this PPT is based.


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