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Nonverbal Communication ppt
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  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Nature of Nonverbal Communication
  • Understanding Nonverbal Communication
  • Universal in Appeal - No limitations
  • Relies on Observation & Interpretation 
  • Intended & Unintended NVC
  • Four Types of Nonverbal Communication 
  • Body Language - Body Parts and Gestures, Emotional States and Expressions, Physical Appearance
  • Space Language - Intimate, Personal, Social, Public
  • Time Language - Time Orientations: Monochronic and Polychronic
  • Paralanguage - Effect of the speed, pitch, volume, and connectivity of spoken words 
  • Using Nonverbal Communication - Choice of Words and Delivery to create clear meaning is the Goal
  • Positively Influence the 3 Expectancies that People Infer subconsciously
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