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  • Psychology Of The Winner
  • Winners Vs. Losers - 11 Mindsets
  • Quote on Winning as a Habit by Vince Lombardi
  • 5 Habits All Winners Share
  • Habit #1 - Winners Have Positive Self-Esteem
  • Habit #1 - Positive Self-Esteem Explained
  • Quote by Denis Waitley, The Psychology of Winning 
  • Developing Positive Self-Esteem - 5 Things To Do  
  • Habit #2 - Winners are Optimistic
  • Habit #2 - Winners Mental Optimism Explained
  • Quote on Optimism by Michael Jordan, Driven From Within
  • Developing Mental Optimism - 3 Things To Do
  • Habit #3 - Winners Have Positive Self-Motivation 
  • Habit #3 - Positive Self-Motivation Explained
  • Quote on Breaking Through Fear by Howard “H” White
  • Habit #4 - Winners Have A High Internal Standard 
  • Habit #4 - High Internal Standard Explained
  • Quote on Trying And Never Giving Up by Deloris Jordan
  • Developing High Internal Standard - 4 Things To Do
  • Habit #5 - Winners Have Positive Self-Discipline 
  • Habit #5 - Positive Self-Discipline Explained
  • Quote on Commitment by Michael Jordan
  • Quote on Mental Simulation by Irina Slutskaya
  • Winners Mentally Simulate and Practice Winning Until It Becomes A Habit 
  • Developing Positive Self-Discipline - 3 Things To Do
  • Closing Quote on Realizing your Dreams by Michael Jordan -
  • Dreams are realized by effort, determination, passion and staying connected 
  • to the sense of who you are.    
  •                           Why Me? Why Not Me?
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Publisher / Editor's note: Psychology Of The Winner PPT download inducts You into the Winner's mindset and what specifically they do that makes Winning A Habit. The author's have credited Denis Waitley “The Psychology of Winning” and Michael Jordan “Driven From Within” for inspiring this PPT. After you read about the Winners Vs. Losers psychology, You will learn about the 5 Habits that Winners in All Areas of Life - commonly share. Each of these 5 Winning Habits are explained in simple to-do points and motivational quotes that will allow you to set your own mindset for - becoming a Winner in whichever Area of Life You Desire. This PPT has been authored, compiled and put together by Melissa Thornton (design) and Salim Bueno.


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