For Author's and Content* Owners

This blog is dedicated towards promoting your work and increase its reach across the globe. We do not charge you anything for it. We believe any and all knowledge fulfills its own purpose in being found and shared with the mind of its seeker.

Most of the users and contributors on this blog are primary content* owners or have submitted the content* available on the Internet under a public license. 

Please note we do not claim any rights of ownership over the content* published on this blog. It belongs to respective author's and content owners whose name is published (as given to us by the contributor) on the second slide of every PPT of this site. Please download a copy of the PPT and have a look.

Additionally, we have protected your work by:

  • The PPT's feature the original author's name / website by default as identified / verified by the contributor.
  • The PPT content* is converted to images which in themselves protect any content* theft as they virtually are in an un-modifiable format. They can only be viewed for study purposes.

We also understand that the World wide Web is an open place for everyone. As our blog is made of user-submitted / user-contributed content*, we can’t always verify source of  the content*. We go with the understanding that all content* submitted to is readily available in various places on the Internet and believed to be in public domain. Content* posted is believed to be posted within our rights according to the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act (title 17, U.S. Code.)

In a worst case scenario, if you believe your content* is being misused on this blog by a content submitter or violates any copyrights thereof, we provide you with the following options for resolution of the matter:

  1. We can promote it under your name based on the proof / verification submitted by you that the content* in question belongs to you originally.
  2. We can remove the same content* from our blog and offer you a chance to provide our users with a limited version (minus key u.s.p's) of the same. It should be complete in knowledge aspects however.
  3. We will delete your content* forever and ban any future reference to your work from the blog.

Please contact us at : and request your intended action point number as mentioned above.

*Content refers to: PPT Slides in various  formats, Images and Supporting text descriptions.


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