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Effective Leadership PPT
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  • Effective Leadership
  • What Exactly Is Leadership?
  • Leadership and Influence
  • Sources Of Influence - Expert Power, Resource Power, Legitimate Power, Reverent Power, 
  • Sources Of Influence - Initiative Power, Reward Power, Coercive Power
  • What Makes An Effective Leader?
  • Effective Leadership Is One That?  
  • Effects top-line & bottom-line growth? 
  • Serves the aspirations of people?
  • Impacts humankind? 
  • Overcomes adversity? 
  • Will always be there for me?
  • Why Are Some Individuals Effective (or Unsuccessful) In their Leadership Roles?
  • Factors Determining Leadership Effectiveness
  • Factors Explained - Leader’s Qualities
  • Factors Explained - Followers’ Qualities 
  • Factors Explained - Environment Theory
  • Factors Explained - Leader’s Actions
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Publisher / Editor's note: Effective Leadership PPT download is a take on the topic of Leadership from a utilitarian perspective. This PPT begins with focusing on the "Influence" angle of Leadership function in General Management, thus exploring - What is Leadership, In what ways can Individuals exercise Leadership, Leader's Sources of Influence, and What makes an Effective Leader. In This PPT, You will learn about Effective Leadership through each of it's well explained factors (indicators) and witness a meaningful critique on each of the known models. After having studied the factors, eventually, you will witness a much larger view of Effective Leadership pointed out by the author in the several areas of human relationships where leadership naturally exists. This PPT has been authored, compiled and put together by Berlin Asong.


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