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Strategic Planning For Managers PPT
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  • Strategic Planning For Managers
  • Five Tasks of Strategic Planning
  • Forming A Strategic Vision
  • Setting Objectives 
  • Crafting A Strategy to achieve the desired outcomes 
  • Factors Shaping the Choice of Strategy
  • Implementing and Executing the chosen strategy  
  • Evaluating Performance, Monitoring new developments, and Initiating corrective adjustments 
  • Strategy Hierarchy 
  • Three Tests of Best Strategy
  • The Goodness of Fit Test
  • The Competitive Advantage Test
  • The Performance Test
  • Analyzing Industry Environment and Crafting Competitive Strategy 
  • Porter’s Five Forces Model Explained
  • Sample Form for an Industry and Competitive Analysis Summary
  • Five Generic Competitive Strategies
  • Generic Strategies and Industry Forces
  • Strategy Implementation and Execution
  • Building A Capable Organization
  • Designing Strategy-Supportive Reward System
  • Creating A Strategy-Supportive Corporate Culture
  • Strategic Leadership 
  • Linking Budget to Strategy 
  • Strategy-Supportive Policy 
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Information Support System 
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