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Supportive Leadership ppt
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  • Supportive Leadership Behavior 
  • Types of Supportive Leadership Behaviors
  • Why Supportive Leadership is Effective
  • Can Supportive Behavior ever be Ineffective 
  • How to Be Supportive: Skills and Power Bases
  • Where are Supportive Behaviors Likely to be Employed
  • Supportive Behaviors Around the World
  • Who Should Receive Supportive Behavior
  • Impact of Supportive Leadership
  • Situations Where Supportiveness may or may not be Effective
  • Situational Factors that Increase Effectiveness of Supportive Leadership
  • Situational Factors that Decrease Effectiveness
  • Situational Factors that Replace the Need for Supportive Leadership
  • Leadership Process Model for Supportive Leadership
  • Pictorial of the model of supportive leader behavior
  • Leader Supportiveness
  • Enhancers of Supportiveness
  • Neutralizers of Supportiveness
  • Follower Psychological Reactions
  • Follower Behavioral Outcomes
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